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Demonopolizing the Internet with Interoperability

How to shift power away from big tech and back to communities and individuals

Midcenutry advertisement for the Hush-A-Phone.

The Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery has just published my editorial, “Competitive Compatibility: Let’s Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Giants,” explaining how interoperability was once an engine for competition and user…




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“Augmented Reality” Science-Research, March 2022, Week 1 — summary from Springer Nature, Europe…

“Augmented Reality” Science-Research, October 2021, Week 1 — summary from Springer Nature, Europe…

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Build WeChat for the West

Technology and its discontents

5g: The Internet of Many, Fast Things.


Science Fiction Is a Luddite Literature

Samsung Internet v6.2 now Stable!

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The Internet Heist (Part III)

The anti-piracy “You Wouldn’t Steal A Car” title-card, modified to read “You Wouldn’t Steal the Future.”

Rail monopolies destroyed the American supply chain

A vintage editorial cartoon depicting a giant squid labeled ‘Railroad Monopoly’ with various things being strangled in its tentacles: a ship, a coach, a farmer and his horses, a miner, a telegraph delivery boy, a winemaker, lumberjacks, a produce farmer, etc. The octopus’s eyes are the bearded faces of two forgotten railbarons.

Grappling with Big Wrestling

John Cena v The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Image: Ed Webster CC BY 2.0:

The Inevitability of Trusted Third Parties