Illustrations: Viktor Hachmang

Clear Conquered U.S. Airports. Now It Wants to Own Your Entire Digital Identity.

‘You are your driver’s license, your credit card, your health care card, your building access card’

[Clear] wants to be a holistic identity verification platform, covering more intimate moments in our everyday lives.

A slide from a 2015 presentation to LAX airport obtained by OneZero, showing what data Clear collects for potential marketing use.

The company has previously considered monetizing this customer data that it obtained from its free and paid users.

A slide showing the evolution of Clear’s San Francisco ecosystem, from a 2015 presentation to LAX airport obtained by OneZero.

“We believe any place that you are whipping out your wallet and taking out a card to prove that you are you is a place where Clear has big opportunities.”

A flyer sent to LAX airport detailing how Health Pass works for airline employees obtained by OneZero.
Clear sent LAX airport details of its future plans for its platform, including an unannounced product called Clarity.

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